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ORDER NOW - Bear Dance of Churchill

New full color picture book including over 100 images of the polar bears dancing in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Order Here
Bear   Dance in   Churchill
Ted Spring spent 8 days in Northern Canada photographing Polar Bears. Check out our special gallery dedicated to Polar Bears!  Below are some of reactions to our latest images.

  • How in the world did you get those close up portraits without getting mauled???  *Amazing stuff* it must have been incredible being there.  Thank you so much for sharing those images.  It almost seems like the one polar bear that was just passing by the dogs was domesticated!

    Talk to you soon, again thanks for sharing those.
    - Michael Clementi
  • *You got yourself some impressive shots*.  Thanks for sending me the link. You should be able to make some serious sales of these images.  Don't let anybody tell you that they could have got the same shots by going to the zoo.  These are great!
    - Scotty O.
  • *Wow the pictures are great!*  Looks like you had a fun time!  You are lucky to have that experience! 
    Hope all is well - talk to you soon,
    - Vickie
  • *Fantastic Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    - James L. Soucie
  • *Those are amazing Ted!*  Were you ever scared (or cold?)?
    - Carolyn
  • *Wow, these are amazing.* Were you really this close to some of the bears?  How did you get those shots?  When did you go up to Canada? 
    - Mandi