Travel with eScenics

Join us for our next photography adventure!  This can be a trip you remember in beautiful images for your scrapbook or on your walls as decorative images in your home or office!

We are planning a trip next fall, traveling to Maine and Nova Scotia on a Lighthouse Tour.  Ted will share his photography experience of over 30 years with you in several ways.  He will be available for evening review sessions, giving you tips for your next day's excursions as well as locations and time to visit the destinations at your own pace, alternating with a day of planned tours with the photographer, helping with you basic questions on composition and your camera operation throughout the day.

Please let us know if you are interested in more information on the fall event and in future excursions.  We are developing plans for trips to:

      * Tuscany, Italy           * Wild animal safari in Africa

      * Alaska                      * Polar Bears of Canada

We are excited about the prospect of traveling with you.  Let us know your level of interest and any suggestions of places you have always wanted to visit.  Register for our email / mailing list for further details by dropping us a note at:            Thank you!

Join us on an Italian Photo Adventure!

Imagine... Northern Italy - with you experiencing the beauty of the country and the cities, walking among the hills of Tuscany, the streets of Florence and the canals of Venice. Ted is organizing a trip to the area next July. You will have the advantage of consulting with a professional photographer during the trip to help you create your best souvenir images!

We will be doing a presentation about the trip later in January. Watch your email and/or Facebook for details regarding a presentation at the studio of Ted Spring Photography.

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime Italian adventure!

Please contact us fore more information at or 303-688-4994.